We provide services to different industrial sectors. We are a technified, agile and versatile company that adapts to the needs.

Sheet metal machining

  • Iron from 0.5 to 15mm
  • Galvanized: 0.5 to 3mm
  • Inox304-316: 0.5 to 12mm
  • Aluminum : 0.5 to 8mm
Punching machine: Variety in dies and punches for thicknesses up to 3mm. Shearing machine:
  • Max length : 3000mm
  • Fe/Galv: up to 6mm
  • Inox: up to 3mm

Sheet metal forming

Bending machine 120 Tons Folding machine 100 Tons. Folder 45 Tons. Wide availability of dies and punches. Cylinder: For curved finishing and bending of small and medium size parts. Max. width: 1000mm thickness Max thickness: 3mm


Bench manufacturing.

  • Cutting and welding of any type of standard longitudinal format
  • .

TIG /MIG welding

    • TIG /MIG welding
      • Welding of single pieces and/or series
      • Welding of single pieces and/or series

      Pin welding and fastening of inserts.

      • Welding of accessories in Fe, inox 
      • Welding of accessories in Fe, inox